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Baby Foot Deep Exfoliation

  • $9.95

A new way to remove the dead skin on your feet without having to scrub away in the shower.   These socks will give you that perfect pedicure look from the comfort of your own home!  With the help of 17 natural extracts, unwanted dead skin build-up will easily be removed.  Not only will these socks leave your feet smooth and moisturized; they will improve poor blood circulation in feet, reduce foot odor, athlete's foot, and more!


  • Sock design allows you to easily exfoliate your skin
  • Natural extracts keep you safe from harsh chemicals
  • Perfect gift for anyone!

How to Use:

  • Wash and dry both of your feet
  • Place your feet in the exfoliating socks
  • Wear the exfoliating socks for 1.5 hours to let your feet absorb the nutrients
  • Within 2-7 days the dead skin will start to dry, you can let the skin casually fall off or gently rub foot with a cloth or the palm of your hand. DO NOT forcibly remove skin when peeling starts, this may cause damage to your foot.
  • Wait at least two weeks before doing a second application, if desired