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Non-Slip Adjustable Food Bag Holder

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Enough of packing foods using two hands. Instead, pack using only one hand with these all-new Non-Slip Adjustable Food Bag Holder. Easy to use and time saver.

The Non-Slip Adjustable Food Bag Holder has a non-slip base that holds the rack in place and the adjustable arms and clips will securely hold a variety of bag heights and sizes open while you simply and neatly fill or pour. And, when you're finished, the rack folds flat for easy storage. Non-Slip Adjustable Food Bag Holder has held a special place in its heart for gadgets; today, they specialise in providing affordable solutions to common problems faced by consumers.

From unique kitchen gadgets and household storage and organization solutions to their Healthy Steps kitchen tools designed to help with portion control and healthy eating.


  • Non-slip rubber base; adjustable arms hold most sizes of storage bags
  • Simply fasten bag under clips and fill; it's like having an extra set of hands in the kitchen
  • Bag Holder is also ideal for drying rinsed storage bags and fold flat for easy storage

Package included:

  • Non-Slip Adjustable Bag Holder