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Nod Travel Pillow

  • $24.95
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This Is Ultimate Sleep Travel Solution!

Patent-pending solution which provides amazing sleep while traveling. Recreates how you sleep on a bed but in an upright position.

The reason it's hard to rest or sleep while traveling is because you can't keep your head, neck and back perpendicular and at a 90-degree angle similar to how you sleep in bed at night. This results in...

  • Jet Lag
  • Neck and Body Pain
  • Awkwardly Waking Up On Your Fellow Passengers

Throw away all those useless travel pillows

This pillow will give the the best sleep you've ever had while traveling, but act fast because this is the best price we will ever offer it at!


  • Patented-pending "Over The Top" design keeps your head from falling forward as well as left or right
  • Velcro interior pocket perfect for keeping Nod Travel Pillow cords neatly organized when not in use
  • The exterior is made form a unique water repellent PU coated fabric, making it easy to clean for sleepers who drool 
  • Super comfortable memory foam interior which makes for a very soft and relaxing sleep experience
    • Material: Cotton + Memory Foam
    • Package Size: 14.5 x 9.5 x 8.5 cm   
    • Color: Brown, Gray
      • 1 x Nod Travel Pillow