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  • $16.95

No more having to deal with bulky sharpening stones.  With this pocket diaond sharpener you can bring all your blades back to their true sharpness with ease.  Thanks to its portable design you can sharpen your tools anywhere at anytime!  This sharpener is double-sided, meaning you have double the chances to restore a dull or damaged edge.

This sharpener is foldable which gives it added protection and will prolong the life of your sharpener.  You can use this for all times of edges.  Kitchen knives, axes, machetes, etc.  Never have a dull blade again with this diamond sharpener!


  • Double sided, for double the sharpening
  • Foldable to protect your sharpener
  • Portable so you can take it anywhere with you
  • Perfect gift for anyone!


  • Knife, Axe, Machete and Other Metals