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Rotating Drill Brush™

  • $19.95
  • Save $30

Clean Anything with the Rotating Drill Brush!

  • Soft White Nylon Bristle Drill Brush
  • 4 inch diameter with quarter inch quick change shaft
  • Fused, 7/8 inch length Polypropylene Bristles
  • Ideal for gentle scrubbing 
  • For Hard to clean messes - best results when used with powerful cleaning agents
  • Great for spot cleaning carpet and upholstery
  • Soft nylon bristles (similar to those of a toothbrush)
  • 4 inch diameter nylon rotary scrub brush fits all cordless drills and impact drivers
  • Guaranteed quality
4 inch diameter soft bristle brush. Fits cordless drills and is perfect for upholstery (couches, chairs), carpets, and leather seats and furniture. Also popular for cleaning glass. Bristles are about as soft as a toothbrush for gentle scrubbing.

Note: Drill NOT Included